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Phuket VIBE is not just for Phuketians but anyone thinking of coming on holiday to the island, to live and work or if you just want to take a little piece of your Phuket holiday back with you, we want you to keep feeling the VIBE even when you return home.

Bringing you awesome music, news, sports and weather and keeping you bang up to date to with events.

Enter one of the Premiership competitions we run and you could be one of our lucky winners taking home one of our fabulous prizes included signed shirts by world class players.

Tune in and feel the VIBE.

About Garry Holden

Garry Holden

The founder of Phuket VIBE, Garry Holden, has been in the entertainment industry for many years. Growing up he used to listen to Radio 1 in the UK, on a Sunday night especially, as they played the Top 40 singles chart rundown. He would sit and wait for his favourite songs to come on and press play and record on his state of the art radio cassette player!

Praying that the DJ would not come back and talk over the beginning or end of the hit that he was trying to record! Without a doubt he is not alone in this challenging teenage experience (if you know what to do with pencil, cassette and selotape, then you're in the same age bracket as Garry). Apparently this was an illegal practice - who knew!? So his question is therefore why did they make blank cassettes?!

Garry says he is so lucky to be living the dream after years of being a club/mobile DJ and moving across to radio and now to setting up and running Phuket VIBE.


The Late Late Breakfast Show
The Late Late Breakfast Show

The Late Late Breakfast Show, brought to you by Hooters Phuket, weekdays from 10am to 1pm

It's a mega packed show with 3 hours of fun filled entertainment. If you like to start your day with fun and laughter then tune in, there's no other place to be, anything can happen! Competitions and prizes to be won, showbiz news, the famous Jimmy Riddle - (well we all need at least one Jimmy Riddle a day!) Get that morning vibe with Garry Holden on The Late Late Breakfast Show. Welcome to his world, all brought to you by the awesome Hooters Phuket!

Perk Up Show
Perk Up Show

Monday to Friday, 11.00am to 12.00pm

One Vibalicious hour of non-stop music to perk you up. Length does matter and an hour is plenty!

The Lunchbox Show
The Lunchbox Show

Monday to Friday, 12.00pm to 3.00pm

Lift the lid on the lunchbox every weekday from high noon. Packed with fun competitions, music, interviews, showbiz, news and views. Tune in and VIBE up your lunch time, you never know what you’re gonna get in your lunchbox!

That VIBE Show
That VIBE Show

Monday to Friday, 3.00pm to 7.00pm

The afternoon show that just keeps on giving with competitions, celebrity gossip, bringing in the sunset, driving you home or sitting on the beach with a sun downer, feeling the VIBE and getting ready to chill and getting in the mood, That VIBE Show is the one for you!

I love the 90s
I love the 90s

Every Monday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

I'm Losing My Religion & All I Wanna Do is get with the Gangstas Paradise. Could be my Fantasy but Groove is in The Heart & Here Comes the Hotstepper. It's Ubelievable & No Scrubs Come to My Window. It's Not Right But It's OK cos I Want It That way. RIGHT Here Right Now I'm Getting Jiggy With It! Now It's The End of the Road.

That 70s Show
That 70s Show

Every Tuesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Imagine we're back at the Hotel California eating American Pie with Brown Sugar. What's going on? Just got to Let it be. Could be just a Superstion, but We'reStayin Alive like a Free Bird. Time to take a Walk on the Wild Side and Get It On.Tired of Being Alone, but TheBoys are Back in Town. Schools out and Wish YouWere Here!

80s Mania
80s Mania

Every Wednesday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Come on Eileen cos Robert De Niro's still waiting, it's absolute Madness but that's just The Sign of the Times. Things Can Only Get Better when we Rock the Casbah! It's 80s mania on Phuket VIBE Radio.

Britpop – The Best of Indie
Britpop – The Best of Indie

Every Thursday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

Bringing you the likes of Blur, Pulp, Supergrass, Oasis, The Verve, Suede, Stereophonics. From the 60's to the present day the Brits have produced some of our most memorable tunes. We present the best rock, indie and alternative tunes to have been produced in the UK.

The Ultimate House Party
The Ultimate House Party

Every Friday, 7.00pm to 9.00pm

2 hours of ultimate house to get you buzzing. Feel the VIBE!

The Saturday Pick n Mix
Saturday Pick n Mix

Every Saturday from 12.00pm

Whatever your favourite treat is we've got a great selection for everyone. It's a vibalicious delight! A song fest to get your weekend vibe and kicking. You won't be sorry when you weigh this one in!

Recovery Sunday
Recovery Sunday

Every Sunday

If you’re just getting up or just getting in, we’ve got it covered. The Sunday Recovery, just don’t call me! Chilled VIBE and some top Phuket DJ mixes to get you through. Feel the VIBE!


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An Indian woman has given birth to a 15 pound baby girl that doctors say could
possibly be the heaviest child ever born in the country…
(** Actually the mum has also broken an Indian national record… for the country’s
loudest scream while giving birth **)

CARS… Dozens of cars have been swallowed up in a massive 600ft road collapse along
the river in Florence after an underground water pipe burst…
(** To be fair, the sight of Italian cars crashed into a river bank is nothing new…as
you’ll know if you’ve ever shared a road with an Italian driver **)

TRUMP… Donald Trump has apparently won enough delegates to secure the Republican
Presidential nomination at their July convention, and the latest polls have him ahead
of Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House…
(** Don’t worry – He won’t be able to enact any of his weirdest policies… mainly coz
he’ll be delayed after starting World War 3 **)

Joke of the day

A woman is taking a bath (naked, of course) when suddenly she hears a knock at the door.

"Can I come in?" a male voice asks.

"Who is it?" the woman asks.

"It is the blind man" says the voice on the other side of the door.

The woman gets out of the bath and after some consideration, opens the door, thinking, "Well, he's blind anyway".

The man comes in the bathroom, takes a good look at the woman and says, "Great tits! Now where would you like the blinds?"

Thank you to Sandra for today's joke
Email your Joke to


38% of men have no idea about the size of their partners what?
…The size of underwear their partner wears

Showbiz News

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have reportedly threatened to take legal action
against a former bodyguard after he spoke to the media about working for them.

The Weeknd and rapper Belly cancelled an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
because Donald Trump was booked on the same show.

Paris Jackson has had her dad’s “Dangerous” album cover tattooed on her
(** Jacko wasn’t big into tattoos – He was more into removing the colour from his skin
tan adding to it **)

Snooker’s Steve Davis is to play a DJ set at this year's Glastonbury

Film star Johnny Depp and his actress wife Amber Heard are to divorce after
just 15 months of marriage…
(** It’s all turned sour – Basically, he loves her now about as much as he loves
Australian quarantine laws **)

Weird wacky but True

We can all interpret art in our own way, but it's typically defined as 'the expression of human

creative skill and imagination in a visual form, appreciated for its beauty or power.'

However, sometimes modern art can throw us a curveball and we don't really know what we're looking at or how we're meant to be appreciating it.
One group of teen jokers put art lovers to the test at a gallery this week when they played an
ingenious prank - and everyone started falling for it.

It was pretty simple, all they did was place a pair of glasses on the floor near the wall.
Unbelievably, visitors seemed to actually believe that it was part of the exhibition and began staring at the spectacles thoughtfullly.

People can be seen reading the cards on the wall, which usually explain the meaning behind the pieces. One man can even be seen kneeling on the floor trying to get a good photo with his fancy camera.

Wonder if he's realised by now? it seems social media users agreed that it was hilarious - it's since had 46,000 retweets and 50,000 likes.

1. Robbie Williams doesn't even know what a whole cucumber looks like (according
to his wife).

2. One in five of us have to check our work emails while on holiday 'just to be able
to relax'.

3. 36% of dog owners would go as far as describing their pets as a “TV addict”.

4. The average age when women believe that time has begun to catch up with
them is just 29.

5. Paris employees enjoy the shortest working week in the world with the average
worker clocking in for just over 30 hours a week.

6. Kelis has never made a milkshake despite the drink featuring as the name of her
biggest hit.

7. Most workers believe wearing jeans in the office is acceptable.

8. An 18-year-old starting their career in 2016 can expect to earn their first £1
million just after turning 46.

9. Blackpool is the capital of divorced people giving marriage another shot.

10. The average adult removes grey hairs 31 times a year.

11. 60% of motorists wouldn’t know how to jump-start their car.

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